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RIOT V - Mean streets LP

RIOT V - Mean streets LP

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RIOT are the epitome of class, longevity and integrity: The New Yorkers play their high-class heavy metal with full fervour and have not let numerous strokes of fate (such as the death of guitarist Mark Reale, since when, out of respect, they are operating as "RIOT V") get them down. A lot of time has passed since their debut "Rock City" (1977), but RIOT V are still around and now delight their fans with an absolute masterpiece: More than five years after "Armor Of Light", which saw the band achieving chart success in numerous European countries for the first time ever, RIOT V now present "Mean Streets". From the ferocious opener "Hail To The Warriors" to the hypnotic hymn "Feel The Fire" and the up-tempo hit "High Noon," to the energetic title track, the band pulls out all the stops. Fast-paced, lively, melodic and heavy - "Mean Streets" is the full service for every heavy metal fan!

BLACK vinyl version - ATOMIC FIRE RECORDS 2024


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