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RITUAL DEATH - Ritual Death LP

RITUAL DEATH - Ritual Death LP

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This is the darkness of Death…

Born from self-devouring fires and frustration, Ritual Death has its roots in an insatiable and untameable flame as old as the World itself. An offering to the Daimon in us, a celebration of our Shadow-self, a call from the wild, a sacrifice to the only God that humanity cannot kill. The Lord of the Graves, the God that always saves.

Formed in 2016, with a 7’’, a 10’’ and a fistful of splits, Ritual Death is finally ready to unleash their first full-length album through a label wrapped in the same obscure cloak as the band itself, the genre-defining Shadow Records.

This is Black Metal from the Graveyard, music made from obscurities and horrors seen and unseen, terror, blasphemy, heresy, dread and ancient worship, forged in the very depths of the catacombs of Nidrosia.

We unchain the night…..The pale king is here….

Exclusive LP version:
-Sturdy Gatefold sleeve on 350gsm carton 5mm spine
-Uncoated spot UV lacquered sleeve
-8 page LP sized booklet
-Comes in a stickered PVC sleeve
-Limited edition

Shadow Records 2022

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