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SLEGEST - Avstand LP

SLEGEST - Avstand LP

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Slegest has – since its forming by guitarist Ese back in 2010, delivered refined heavy metal with musical roots in black metal and classic heavy rock from the 70s and 80s. Avstand (which translates to Distance) is the band’s 4th album.

Taking inspiration from Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy, the songs orbit around the eternal and infinite – a view of life from within in a way. The self-conscious, the rational and the dreaming, weighed against the instinctive, euphoric and the natural. In your own life – where do you come down?

“Musically, we are staying the course” explains Slegest frontman, Stig Ese Eliassen. “We operate well within the framework we have created for ourselves in these past records. While our sound in this way clearly has quite a traditional streak, I´m confident that our take on metal offers something different. Our goal is – of course – that in the end, our material is truly awesome and sinister sounding! We also have upped the tempo a bit this time around.”

With a great mix of classic heavy metal, rock’n’roll and black metal, “Avstand” is yet another punch in the face from Slegest!

Regula BLACK vinyl with lyric insert sheet - DARK ESSENCE 2023

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