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STEREO NASTY - Twisting The Blade LP

STEREO NASTY - Twisting The Blade LP

190,00 kr
2015 was the year the world got a massive kick in the teeth by four rapscallions from Co. Kildare, Ireland, with their ‘Nasty By Nature’ attitude. Over the past two years, this band have been raising hell all over the world including supporting the likes of Angel Witch and Diamond Head. Yes folks, it’s none other than Stereo Nasty who are back to for more with their sophomore record; ‘Twisting The Blade.’ With a tight sound and a sensational collection of songs, this album not only proves that is sharper than any blade in existence but also proves why Stereo Nasty are worthy enough to sit amongst the heavy metal gods.

Ltd. to 400 copies on black vinyl with insert. Diabolic Might 2017

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