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SVARTTJERN - Shame is just a word CD

SVARTTJERN - Shame is just a word CD

149,00 kr

SVARTTJERN return to the front with their fifth full-length entitled “Shame Is Just A Word”!

Infused with tastes of flesh, satan and misanthropy, the successor to the highly acclaimed “Dødsskrik” (2016) is released on January 17th 2020 through Soulseller Records on CD, LP and in digital versions. The amazing artwork was created by Linda K Røed.

“The stars have aligned. The planets are in place. Forget your joy and embrace your fear. The new Svarttjern album is here. Dive into Svarttjern’s basement of lust and rust! Ride the fleshtrain, bathe in the cesspool of fat, gurgle the lube or let it soak. Show your true self and shake off your invisibility cloak. Embrace your shame. Shame is just a word.”

Jewel case CD with 8 page booklet