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TANGORODRIM - Those who unleashed CD

TANGORODRIM - Those who unleashed CD

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The second alcohol-fueled, dirty and unholy album of TANGORODRIM released almost a decade ago was praised in the underground as the ultimate homage to the first and second wave of Black Metal (Hellhammer/ Bathory and Darkthrone) without drowning in the tsunami of countless '80'ies clones and so-called old-school bands. TANGORODRIM was total unholy Metal conviction, the songs and riffs excellently crafted and sounded like the product of decades of listening to Metal! "Those Who Unleahsed" was originally released only in a limited number of copies and has been unavailable for many years. This excellent, alochol-drenched and unholy Black Metal album has now been dug up from the catacombs of Metal and is finally officially available again on CD!

Available from Apocalyptic Empire Records under exclusive license from Forces Of Satan Records

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