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TORMENTOR - Seventh Day Of Doom TAPE

TORMENTOR - Seventh Day Of Doom TAPE

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Though it wasn’t officially released for another decade, ‘Seventh Day of Doom’ introduced TORMENTOR back in 1987.

Spearheaded by legendary vocalist Attila Csihar, the Hungarian gang sounded more evil and rotten than the primitive heavy metal that was coming out of Eastern Europe in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. They would only grow more wicked, but on this recording you can already hear why this band was exalted by the second wave of Black Metal.
The riffs thrash, the drums are as speedy as a runaway locomotive barreling through the gates of hell, and Attila sounds like he’s spitting hot bile.

Transparent shell cassette in regular Norelco box j-card limited to 100 units worldwide - SATURNUS PRODUCTIONS 2023

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