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TRIUMPHATOR - Wings of Antichrist CD

TRIUMPHATOR - Wings of Antichrist CD

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Originally released in October 1999 and commonly regarded as one of the most overlooked Scandinavian black metal albums of the 90s. Emerging from the same Swedish darkness that spawned the likes of Funeral Mist, Malign, Sorhin and Ofermod - Triumphator has, much like their peers, a legacy of chaos in its own right. While this might explain the ferociousness of the musical output, it’s also why “Wings of Antichrist” was the band’s final release. But what a beast it is. An ageless monument standing vigil for a very different era of black metal. Flesh-cleaving melodies interchanged with lunatic guitar solos are brought together by the pulsating militaristic violence of former Marduk drummer Fredrik Andersson and abysmal vocal range of Arioch from Funeral Mist.
A true Swedish black metal Classic, remastered available on CD with unreleased bonus material!

Digipack CD. Shadow Records 2018

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