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TROLL - Trolldom LP

TROLL - Trolldom LP

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Brand new album from Norwegian TROLL - the first album in 13 years!

Troll plunges listeners into a realm where ancient spirits converge with blistering riffs and haunting, atmospheric melodies. Painting an immersive tapestry of cursed runes and Dark magic. These are your fears made flesh. This is Trolldom.»

From the opening chords to the fading echoes, each track off "Trolldom" serves as an esoteric journey through the veils of the unknown. The album's artwork, adorned with intricate designs inspired by dark mythology, complements the relentless sonic assault that defines Troll's signature style.

The wonderfully imaginative cover art was made by Ksenia Hinderson @hindersonart, a multi talented creator, who also directed, shot and edited the music video for the single To The Shadows, took the band pictures and did the layout for the cover.

Gathering inspiration from 70’s progressive rock, 80’s horror films, with a firm base in mid 90’s Symphonic Black Metal, a style Trolls founding members were instrumental in making the best selling genre of Black metal to date.

Trolldom was recorded at Evil Octopus Studio, over the last ten years. Troll has truly gone back to their roots on this album, just like on the first albums Nagash is again behind the drum kit wielding the sticks with infernal frenzy. Guitarist Tlaloc  delivers high speed intensive shredding and evocative leads. Throughout the album Tlaloc truly reveals his mastery over the guitar, using a multitude of different styles and techniques in his playing. Bassist Sturt’s adventurous bass lines alongside the drums provides an entrancing backdrop to Tlaloc’s unrelenting guitars and Nagash’s unnerving and beguiling synth leads.

“Trolldom" is a visceral exploration, intertwining the aggressive with the haunting narratives of ancient folklore. The seven tracks on the album each capture the band's intense energy and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre.

The band was formed way back in 92’ by Nagash, who would also go on to found Covenant later that same year. Making classic Black Metal albums as Drep De Kristne, In Times Before The light, Trollstorm Over Nidingjuv, and Nexus Polaris.

The word Trolldom does not have a perfect translation in English, you may say magic or witchcraft. The related word trolsk is maybe the word that most aptly describes the atmosphere in Trolls music. It is a word we use in Norwegian to describe dark bewitching moods you find in nature, in the twilight, before a thunderstorm or when the mist lays wispy and seeming to dance over a body of water. Times when you see shadows creep in the corner of your eye.

Lyrically Troll begs the listener to consider the great dark truths we face, in the ultimate destruction of our universe. The sure, final, and approaching death of all life as we know it.

This release solidifies Troll's position as pioneers in the Symphonic Black Metal realm, cementing their legacy and inviting listeners to embrace the darkness and the mystique that "Trolldom" offers.

"Trolldom" is available now on all major music platforms, ensuring that listeners worldwide can partake in the occult journey crafted by Troll.


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