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Turbocharged’s leader Ronnie “Ripper” Olson was the bass player on a few of Gehenna’s ’90s releases and, more significantly, the vocalist/bassist on Vomitory’s early creations including their mighty debut. Where that band incorporates a few more dynamic influences to their Swedeath, these guys are already three albums down the line, kicking out a formula which wears a belligerent punk influence. Automatically Master springs to mind as a comparison, albeit a Swedish variant, and ‘old school’ really is the word (or two). Aside from the brain damage inducing approach, it’s refreshing to hear a production devoid of digital cleanliness. On that note, Olson sounds as cool as ever and, like Speckmann, he’s just as enraged. In contrast to the latter’s political/societal scorn, the Swede reserves all his rage for Christianity, with one ploughing, belligerent death metal attack following another. In addition to Master, there are necessarily Motörhead comparisons to be drawn in the mentality and delivery of this raging slab of sweaty, blood encrusted death metal. Although overall ‘Militant’ is a bit long and may have benefited from a couple of songs less, it does that most important of things: it gets feet stomping and heads banging in honest-to-Satan fashion.

Ltd. black vinyl with inner sleeve and A2 poster.

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