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TUSMØRKE - Hinsides CD

TUSMØRKE - Hinsides CD

149,00 kr

Norway′s ambassadors of macabre romanticism take a step towards the great beyond with their new album Hinsides, out on Svart. Despite the group′s love of all things curious and off the beaten path, they have taken their native Norway by hailstorm and were just recently nominated in the local Grammy awards for best rock album.

The grand 24 minute epic Sankt Sebastians Alter was composed in commemoration of the 666th anniversary of the Black Death in Norway.

This album is less of a gloomy affair than might be expected by its theme, and the tunes are as catchy as the Plague. Join us in the Dance of Death, for verily Tusmørke sayeth unto you: Groove is in the Heart of Darkness.


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