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UTBYRD - Varskrik LP

269,00 kr

Hailing from Bodø (Nordland), Utbyrd was formed back in 2012. The band aimed to create their own unique blend of Black Metal and symphonic influences. In 2014 the band started the recording of ‘Varskrik’. An endeavor that would take up to around 2017 to finish.

The symphonic/orchestral parts on the album are composed and performed by Clemens Wijers of Carach Angren, the influential Dutch Symphonic/Black Metal band. Moving forward in time Petrichor discovered that the album ‘Varskrik’ never saw a physical release. In our humble opinion this album is a classic that should be heard/discovered by many. In roughly 47 minutes Utbyrd takes you on a journey that will leave you behind longing for more.

A timeless, melodic Black Metal classic that finally sees its’ physical release. 
For fans of: Carach Angren, (old) Enslaved, (old) Satyricon, Emperor

• LP comes as 180 grams audiophile vinyl with download card
• Album cover by Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Borknagar, Kreator, Enslaved)
• Features Clemens Wijers of Carach Angren as guest musician