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VHORTHAX - Nether darkness TAPE

VHORTHAX - Nether darkness TAPE

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Hailing from Russia, Vhorthax was formed by members of the band Abyssfire - Morkh (voices & psalms - also Sickrites and Serpentrance), Nicholas-N.A.-I.I. (drums), and M.P. (guitars & bass) - in 2016 during a night of black candle mass meditations in their rehearsal bunker. There's no other goal but the channeling of primitive and cavernous chants of the Devil in the rough form of morbid BLACK/DEATH echoing with the sounds of the altars of worship. After several gigs, Vhorthax locked themselves in the bunker and crafted the four foul songs branded as Nether Darkness.

Released on LP/ CD by Iron Bonehead Productions, this is the cassette-version limited to only 175 copies!

Pro tape , jcard printed on textured leather like paper to capture the darkness of Vhorthax and high quality pad print on the cassette shell!

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