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Indie Recordings are thrilled to announce that all of Vreid’s back-catalogue is now re-released on vinyl in a special series called « All colours gone».  More or less all albums are sold out on vinyl, and some of them have been for years. 

All 8 albums is released with a special new design in black and white cover art and solid white vinyl. The designs are done by the art wizard Remi Juliebø of Deformat who also did the artwork for Vreid’s last album Lifehunger.

The series is now being completed with the release of Sólverv and Lifehunger.

“We are extremely proud to give new life to our entire legacy and hope you will enjoy it.”

On behalf of the Vreid Brigade,                                                                         

Jarle Hváll Kvåle

Limited edition of 500 copies only - INDIE RECORDINGS 2020