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WARFARE - Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos) LP

WARFARE - Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos) LP

199,00 kr
Leaders. Not followers. Evo is one of those leaders. A true innovator. A musical genius. And quite a controversial character. Some people have called him the “original metal punk”. Warfare was his vision. Along with Motörhead, Tank and Venom Evo took metal out of the castles and dungeons onto the streets. Street metal. For High Roller Records Evo has now opened his vast archive of rare and unreleased Warfare recordings. The first release in the “vaultage series” is called »Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos)«, a compilation of 13 “lost” Warfare demos featuring alternative versions of numerous early Warfare classics such as “Burn Down The Kings Road”, “New Age Of Total Warfare”, “Limit Crescendo” or the wild “Two Tribes” (originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood) as well as a plethora of completely unreleased material.

Ltd. 500 x black vinyl, heavy cardboard cover, insert

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