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WITCHBURNER - Bloodthirsty Eyes LP

WITCHBURNER - Bloodthirsty Eyes LP

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They've been active in the German underground scene since 1992 and they never surrendered. Witchburner kept the spirit alive when everyone else was going astray, and they didn't give a damn about trends that kept coming and going or about the problems that naturally occur when a band has to struggle with constant changes in the line-up. Now, after twenty years of relentless thrashing, and after having released six albums and nine demos, splits and EPs, Witchburner are about to unleash yet another pure old school Thrash attack! “Bloodthirsty Eyes” is the kind of album that desperately tries to leap back to a sound and style when Thrash was rough and dirty from the 80s. It’s somewhat of an intriguing choice of direction considering the band didn't even form until the early 90s, but it’s a choice that fully affects the entire sound and approach for this album. Witchburner really sound like old school thrash but they finally found their own style! Witchburner deliver a better experience than many younger bands who merely copy the templates of their idols. Witchburner were there since the beginning, or at least shortly after the first groundbreaking genre milestones came out. And they still manage to rekindle the fierce and primitive emotions that associated with Tthrash Metal!! Recommended for fans of early Sodom, Desaster, Possessed and Venom!!!

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