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WULKANAZ (swe) was spawned from the flaws of Kumulonimbus old band Tomhet in the year of 2009. The creativity behind WULKANAZ was discovered while Kumulonimbus, was writing music for his other musical endeavors, which guided his steps to create something unique and WULKANAZ was born. The musical style of black metal delivered by WULKANAZ is not for the faint at heart, most likely you will find it very hard to understand the sickening riffs and the unpredictable songwriting on your first listening since it is very abstract and complex, but don't let the first impression fool you. Paralys will show you a completely new element of black metal, an element that you have never heard or seen before. 

Limited edition LP version in 800 copies on Translucent grey vinyl including 8 page A5 booklet – HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS

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