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One long track from two new ultra heavy bruisers, Amarok from the US and Poland's Enth.
Enth play funeral doom with a real old school death metal feel to it. There's a real gloomy, cloying atmosphere to it that very much brings to mind early 90s European doom bands - remember Sempiternal Deathreign? Bang on! There's a lot going on here; there's a melancholic piano line and what sounds like violin near the end. Fantastic stuff, and seriously some of the best music of this style I have heard in ages.

Amarok are more straightforward and play a style more similar to the new american sludge/doom wave of the past few years. Dual screaming/growling vocals (VERY Alan Dubin!), repetitive and slow, ultra low-end riffing and sparse but solid, driving percussion, this will definitely appeal to those into Thou, Salome, Cough and all that.

Limited to 500 copies. 180g vinyl with fully-printed inners.