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1782 - Clamor Luciferi LP

1782 - Clamor Luciferi LP

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“Clamor Luciferi” means the scream of Lucifer. A hostile scream - but it also means noise and uproar!

1782, formed in honor of all the "witches" murdered by the bigoted minds of many generations, present here their 3rd album. With this latest work they have taken out the most powerful and evil songs they have ever made. The album opens with an organ piece that conveys anxiety, suffering and melancholy. From the second track onwards the heavy and fuzzy riffs start, followed by a powerful and hypnotic drums. As always, the themes are occult and legends of their land Italy. An album that will drag you into the deepest and most deafening darkness, let yourself go and be hypnotized by the Clamor Luciferi!


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