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ARAN ANGMAR - Atavism & Dying Stars CD

ARAN ANGMAR - Atavism & Dying Stars CD

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Aran Angmar presents their brand-new opus of fierce and powerful Black Metal "Atavism & Dying Stars" - their second album after their praised debut "Black Cosmic Elements" in 2021 which featured Michiel Van Der Plicht (Pestilence) on drums.

Aran Angmar has developed their sound with the new album and deliver faster and fiercer Black Metal with roots in Greek atmosphere and powerful depth - now with line-up additions Simone (Bass) and Alessandro (drums). The album is mixed and mastered to perfection in Necromorbus studio by the legendary Tore Stjerna (Mayhem, Watain, Valkyrja) and features the sinister creations of Seth Siro Anton (Septicflesh) as cover art.

For fans of Old Mans Child, Dissection & Rotting Christ!


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