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BAPTISM - As The Darkness Enters LP

BAPTISM - As The Darkness Enters LP

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Since 1998 BAPTISM has casted its grim shadow over Finnish landscape. “Satanic Rituals” and “Sons Of Ruin & Terror” demo tapes were noticed by few, but already the debut album “The Beherial Midnight” was a firm milestone marking their path of rise from depths of underground among widely praised elite of Finnish Black Metal. “Morbid Wings Of Sathanas” and “Grim Arts Of Melancholy” together with handful of smaller releases between major works made it clear that the intent of BAPTISM is to go further. Each time sink into deeper levels of darkness. BAPTISM has continued their firm path of esoteric satanism and evading surrounding trends of genre. Not only remaining faithful to the bands spirit, but perfecting it’s musical representation.

“As The Darkness Enters” is the logical step higher, where every element of the band has gained strength. From writing of riffs to composition and balance of sound. 2012 BAPTISM radiates the confidence of its mastermind to combine freezing melancholy, cold razor sharp fierce aggression, traditions of heavy black metal and atmospheric dark melodies. Blend it together in ways only BAPTISM can, therefore making it constantly harder and harder to point references to other bands.

This is repressed edition on LP that comes in gatefold cover. All 1st press artwork and lyrics are included, but in slightly revised lay-out. Front cover was re-scanned in its original color tone, instead of turned black & white and treated with computer adjusting. The darker and more sinister look of the cover fits the coldness of the album perfectly.


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