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BEYOND DAWN - Longing For Scarlet Days LP (PURPLE)

BEYOND DAWN - Longing For Scarlet Days LP (PURPLE)

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Finally on vinyl, Norwegian avantgarde metal band Beyond Dawn's debut 1994 mini-album Longing For Scarlet Days, coupled with the 1993 7"EP Up Through The Linear Shades, including an extra track from the EP session.

Starting out as a typical early nineties rudimentary doomy death metal outfit, Beyond Dawn quickly transitioned into something far more interesting on their second demo, Heaven's Dark Reflection (1991). By the time they had started developing material for their first 7"EP, Up through the Linear Shades (1993), they would easily fit the tag avantgarde metal, being among the very first bands in the underground at the time to draw inspiration from progenitors of said genre such as Celtic Frost (particularly Into The Pandemonium), as well as a vast range of non-metal music.

On their second official release, the mini-cd Longing for Scarlet Days (1994), Beyond Dawn reached their avantgarde metal peak and would quickly abandon this style in favour of a more gothic / doomy direction. This rapid development would be typical for Beyond Dawn, who no more than a year later would release their full-length debut Pity Love (1995), by many regarded a gothic doom masterpiece. Consequently, for the rest of their career, they would never release the same album twice, much like fellow countrymen Dødheimsgard or Ulver.

This release chronicles the years 1992-94 in the history of Beyond Dawn, focusing on their avantgarde metal phase. Coupling the Longing for Scarlet Days mini-album with the very first EP, Up through the Linear Shades, and including a track recorded at the same time as the EP, this LP is a perfect snapshot of the early days of one of Norway's most unique bands.

Ltd. 100 copies on purple vinyl in polylined inner sleeve, reverse print outer sleeve with 12" insert.

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