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2nd album in less than 1 year from this Norwegian Black Metal band!  Self-released LP in a limited edition of only 200 copies!

In the frontline: Elden - former bassist of HELLSTORM and EINHERJER!

BLODKARSK play traditional, riff-based Black Metal with lyrics in Norwegian dialect. The band was started in 2003 by Erik Elden and Robert Gabrielsen, and a demo with five tracks was released in 2004. After a long break, BLODKARSK became active again in 2021, and drummer Andreas Langås then became part of the line-up. The band also recruited two guitarists for their live line-up.

The debut album “Rotvelt” was self-released for streaming and on LP in April 2022, and in December on a very limited edition CD by Cold Northern Breeze Records.

Now the time has come for the band’s second album, “Jarpi”  - which will be released February 3, 2023.

BLODKARSK’s music is simple, straight-forward and honest, with powerful in-your-face riffs and powerful vocals. At the same time, the sound is dynamic, with melodies both on guitar and bass. Together, these elements produce a rock solid and authentic expression.

Quite exclusive distribution via KATAKOMBEN (and a few other selected Norwegian record-stores). Grab your copy while they last!

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