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BLOODOLINE - Storm & Brilliance CD

BLOODOLINE - Storm & Brilliance CD

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Debut-album from this Black Metal band from Spain.

If you judged this only by the cover, you'd expect some pretty naive and derivative black or death metaL. But happily this is anything but boring. It's a little rough in spots, but overall this is a band with something unique to add to the scene. The guitars dabble in some atonal chords and assymetrical, off-kilter riffs, reminding me most of Voivod or maybe Blut Aus Nord. Most songs have a sort of ambient introductory track before them, but these aren't filler at all--they're interesting, nicely composed little pieces in themselves, and add another dimension to the album. Overall, though, this is an excellent and suprisingly innovative album--the music has few rough spots, but once this band marshalls their forces they could really point black metal in some new directions

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