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BURZUM - Belus 2LP

BURZUM - Belus 2LP

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Belus was the first album to be recorded and released after Varg Vikernes' May 2009 parole from prison. He had served almost 16 years in prison and this was the first BURZUM album in 11 years.

The album was originally called "The Return of Baldur", but Vikernes announced the album in November 2009 as «Den Hvite Guden» ("The White God" in Norwegian). In December 2009, he announced that the name was being changed to «Belus» because some in the media speculated that the album might have racist undertones. He stated that the former name had nothing to do with skin colour or racism, but that it was merely a common name for the Norse god Baldr.

Vikernes suggests that Belus is the oldest known (Proto-Indo-European) name of the life-death-rebirth deity that is reflected in the Norse Baldr, the Greek Apollo, the Gaulish Belenus and the Slavic Belobog (itself meaning "White God"), among others.

Although Varg described modern Black Metal culture as a "tasteless, low-brow parody" of the early Norwegian Black Metal scene, Vikernes did not change the style of his music for Belus and likened it to Hvis lyset tar oss and Filosofem.

BLACK vinyl double-LP in gatefold cover - BACK ON BLACK


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