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BURZUM - The Ways Of Yore 2LP

BURZUM - The Ways Of Yore 2LP

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What was intended to be the last ever BURZUM album, but as we all know, Varg decided to release another one in 2020 with his album "Thulean Mysteries".

“The Ways of Yore" is the 12th album from Burzum and delivers a mix of haunting story telling channeled through distinct vocals combined with Burzum musical genius makes “The Ways of Yore” a very interesting and innovative sounding album with mass appeal to Burzum fans. Inspired by Burzum’s in-depth knowledge of our European history and evolution, “The Ways of Yore” is a continuation of his work to explore our Forebears and to explain our human evolution.

Comes on 2 x heavy 180 gram vinyls in a great looking gatefold cover - BACK ON BLACK

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