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BYTHOS - Chthonic Gates Unveiled LP (SPLATTER) (PREORDER)

BYTHOS - Chthonic Gates Unveiled LP (SPLATTER) (PREORDER)

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NB! This is a preorder item - Delivery has been delayed because of problems with the Norwegian customs. We hope to have it in stock around May 20th

Behold the unveiling of Bythos' latest opus, "Chthonic Gates Unveiled”!

This album builds upon the foundations laid by its predecessor, "The Womb of Zero", delving faster, fiercer and deeper into the abyssal mysteries. Through arcane melodies and esoteric motifs, it guides the listener along shadowed pathways, descending into the very sanctuaries of Chthonic deities.

Within these currents, "Chthonic Gates Unveiled" morphs into a merciless entity, transcending the boundaries of sound and words.

Limited GREY TRANSPARENT SPLATTER vinyl LP in gatefold cover including booklet - TERRATUR POSSESSIONS 2024

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