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CARONTE - Wolves of Thelema CD

149,00 kr
Italian Doom/ stoner band with themes around Esotericism, Occultism and The Works of Aleister Crowley. Taking cues from the now death occult rock movement and in particular from The Devil’s Blood, the Italians focus on the esoteric and the dark magicks to great results. Spiritually closed to Black Oath, the best modern Italian traditional doom band, Caronte aren’t static in their doom explorations. From blackened doom to aggressive post-punky rock (it has some Beastmilk vibes), they’re happy to provide a plethora of different paints to their doomed palette. It’s mostly black though, let’s be honest. If you like your metal dark, esoteric and with a blasphemous sleazy attitude, Caronte should be right down your alley! Released by VAN Records in a beautiful package:
  • jewelcase with hotfoil-stamped slipcase
  • booklet with lyrics and impressions