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COBOLT 60 - The Grim Defiance CD

COBOLT 60 - The Grim Defiance CD

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After a ten year hiatus, the two-headed Norwegian Black Thrash beast Cobolt 60 (featuring members / ex-members of Blood Red Throne and Satyricon) return with their sophomore outing. The band released their debut, Meat Hook Ballet on Metalion's legendary Head Not Found label back in 2002, and The Grim Defiance sees them bite back with a vengeance. Released just in time for their return to the live arena, at Kristiansand, Norway's Southern Discomfort Festival, The Grim Defiance should put Cobolt 60 back at the top of the black thrash scene, right where they belong. Fans of Darkthrone, Aura Noir, Dead To This World etc. are hereby advised to take caution, or neck injuries may occur.

Demonhood Prod. 2012

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