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COFFIN STORM - Arcana Rising LP

COFFIN STORM - Arcana Rising LP

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Norway’s Coffin Storm is the new band consisting of a trio of Kolbotn veterans, with the line-up of Apollyon (Aura Noir/Lamented Souls) & Bestial Tormentor (Infernö/Lamented Souls) completed by Darkthrone’s Fenriz on vocal duties.

And so, the first fruits of their toil manifest in the form of debut album, ‘Arcana Rising’, with a sterling concoction of classic heavy metal, slow thrash & doom. The result is a torrent of rousing, accomplished titanic riffing commandeered by Fenriz’s unmistakable vocal prowess as witnessed with his own Isengard project as well as multiple Darkthrone releases, with vocal inspiration summoned from bands such as Agent Steel.

‘Arcana Rising’ contains six sprawling metallic epics covering the 45-minute running time & was recorded at a variety of studios in the band’s native Norway, with work originally commencing back to 2021. With production overseen by Apollyon himself, ‘Arcana Rising’ truly channels & encapsulates the spirit of the 80’s, with inspiration from such masters of metal as Candlemass, Pentagram, Metallica & early Kreator, with musical nods to early Paradise Lost & Cathedral from the more extreme side of the doom spectrum, as well as including traces of the DNA from Apollyon & Bestial Tormentor’s own prior work together with their cult doom act Lamented Souls, to create a sensational & majestic opus.

Mastering work was completed by Jack Control at Enormous Door (Darkthrone) & cover art appears courtesy of Polish artist Maciej Kamuda.

Black vinyl - PEACEVILLE RECORDS 2024



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