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A decade after the demos from 2008 and 2009, France's DREAMS OF THE DROWNED proudly presents its first album on vinyl via Duplicate Records (VIRUS, ORGAN;, BEYOND DAWN..).
Melancholic, dense & psychedelic black / grey metal meets anarcho post punk, inspired by bands such as VED BUENS ENDE, KILLING JOKE, EMPEROR, BLIND IDIOT GOD, or AMEBIX.
Painfully and patiently crafted solely by multi-instrumentalist Camille from SMOHALLA and STAGNANT WATERS throughout years of wandering [with the exception of a DODHEIMSGARD's "Midnattskogens Sorte Kjerne" cover sung by its original inceptor, the one and only Aldrahn from URARV, THORNS, etc], and produced by HVN Recordings (URARV, WHIP, NUISIBLE..), this album is a necromantic attempt to keep the fire of some long-time missing aesthetics burning - and therefore honour them.
A collection of songs inhabited by european witchcraft, atypical mental states, the feeling of loss, the forest, the will to reclaim long-gone connexions and power from within, and the urge to properly name and subsequently confront power-overs.

Silver vinyl LP in reverse print sleeve with black polylined inner sleeve and insert. Ltd. to 100 copies.

Duplicate Records 2020