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DARK MILLENNIUM - Diana Read Peace 2LP

DARK MILLENNIUM - Diana Read Peace 2LP

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Germany’s DARK MILLENNIUM were formed in 1989. With the release of their demo tapes “The Apocryphal Wisdom” (1991) and “Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be” (1992) the band heavily stirred up the German death metal underground as one of the most promising – and surely one of the most unique – death metal bands of that time. While other followed the paths paved by international acts as Death, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Obituary or Morgoth, DARK MILLENNIUM’s vision always was to create something special and new, something not instantly comparable to the big names of the scene, daring to even incorporate a more progressive and highly atmospheric edge. The 1992 debut album “Ashore The Celestial Burden” was a manifest of exactly that yet its ambitious approach was even expanded on the 1993 follow-up “Diana Read Peace”. DARK MILLENNIUM’s last album presented an adventurous, epic mix of Atheist’s “Piece Of Time” and Cynic’s “Focus”, spiced up with some Pink Floyd-like harmonies, the gloom of early Fields Of The Nephilim and a Voivod-ian sense of being different and more daring than many of their peers. Now, accompanied by liner notes, old photos, never before seen artwork and all lyrics as well as being remastered by the band’s musical mastermind Hilton Theissen, “Diana Read Peace” returns in astonishing fashion. So, join in to celebrate a flawless example of highly progressive and innovative death metal!

2LP, gatefold, booklet.

Century Media, CMD9986061, 2015.
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