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DEMONIC TEMPLE - Through The Stars Into The Abyss CD

DEMONIC TEMPLE - Through The Stars Into The Abyss CD

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From the veil of shadows and into this reality comes... "Through The Stars Into The Abyss". A new album from Poland's DEMONIC TEMPLE. Willing into existence an album of occult Black Metal that is rooted well within the established sound of DEMONIC TEMPLE, while also achieving a new level of focus and direction as with each DEMONIC TEMPLE release over the years. "Through The Stars Into the Abyss" is a masterpiece of atmospheric Black Metal. A stellar follow-up to 2018's "Incrementum", 2021's "Through The Stars into the Abyss" is summoned with an elevated and matured sound. An album that is cold, expansive, and seeping darkness filled with forbidden knowledge.
Limited to 300 copies copies in Special digipak edition with slipcase
It's a firestorm of sound but also sets fire to the imagination, creating supernatural visions of vast and terrifying powers. NO CLEAN SINGING