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DISMEMBER - The Complete Demos 1988-1990 CD

DISMEMBER - The Complete Demos 1988-1990 CD

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After more than a decade, it is about time to finally relaunch the much sought-after catalog of Stockholm death metal legends DISMEMBER! With the ultra-limited “Historia Mortis” 12-LP-box set being sold out within less than a day, it is more than obvious that fans have been starving to get their hands on this massive discography, and starting August 25th, Nuclear Blast will release standalone versions on LP and CD during the autumn.

For this batch of reissues, the early demos of Swedish death metal band DISMEMBER were restored and mastered anew by Patrick W. Engel who worked with new tape rips by tape-trading legend Nicola Costantini (author of “Encyclopedia Of Svensk Döds Metall”) to give you the best possible versions of DISMEMBER's demos “Dismembered” (1988), “Last Blasphemies” (1989), and “Reborn in Blasphemy” (1990).


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