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DJEVELKULT - Når avgrunnen åpnes CD

DJEVELKULT - Når avgrunnen åpnes CD

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The 2nd album from DJEVELKULT!

Hailing from Gjøvik, DJEVELKULT is a Norwegian Black Metal cult brought out of void in 2009 by Dødsherre Xarim, with a vision of darkness and chaos, and to spread a message of blasphemy against man and God.

With Xarim and Ond as the primary lineup, Djevelkult recorded and released the demo «Skapt av Helvetesild» in the summer of 2011. Djevelkult then wrote and recorded their debut album,» I Djevelens Tegn», which was subsequently released by Morbid Shrine Productions in September 2014.

Recording for this 2nd album was completed in the summer of 2017. Kark of Dødsengel handled the album's mixing and mastering the album.

Built upon a foundation of cold 'n' filthy riffing laced with an atmosphere that's both desperate and triumphant, Djevelkult's «Når Avgrunnen Åpnes» is some of the purest Norwegian Black Metal you will be able to find in modern times. The passion bleeds through every performance here; the ensuing songs stick in the listener's head without relying on saccharine catchiness. But as with everything in the band's restless ways, Djevelkult here chose to shape the new album with additional inspiration from guest artists: Draug of Kirkebrann sang and wrote the lyrics of "Vredeskvad"; Invisius of Blodhemn played the drums and sang and wrote the lyrics of "An Evil Unheard Of"; Ånneland played the second solo on "Apocalypse (Hellspawn)"; and Kleven plays additional guitar on "En Ny Tid."

With more touring and live performances slated for later in the year, «Når Avgrunnen Åpnes» marks a momentous moment for Djevelkult. True Norwegian black metal is undead!. Cover art, courtesy of Jose Gabriel Sabogal (Inferno, Whoredom Rife)

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