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EMPTY - Vacio LP

EMPTY - Vacio LP

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Four years passed by when Empty offered their previous superb album “Etica Profana Negativa”. In this occasion we have their fifth full length work. Here we can find an Empty in a phenomenal creative moment of evolution, since Empty has brought their proposal a step beyond. It´s hard to mention any other band from the world scene with this vision and attitude when making music. Black Metal? Sure with this label the album could be defined, but it would not be the most suitable way…
“Vacío” is an overwhelming and desolating mixture of emotions and sensations. It´s inspired on the book “La Lluvia Amarilla” (The Yellow Rain) of Julio Llamazares. This álbum shows a long, bitter and fateful journey to the oblivion and nothingness. Its own title reflects the nature of the message. The memory of Death which from an ominous shadow, it became a tangible and palpable presence. The blind acceptance of the fate that removes our trace and dilutes our existence in time.

Ltd. 300 copies on black vinyl incl. bonus track.