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ENE - Lang Kald Natt CD

ENE - Lang Kald Natt CD

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"Lang Kald Natt" is the debut album from Norwegian Black Metal entity ENE. All music is written and performed by sole member Erik E. also know from his other band Weh and for his feature with Vreid.

"Lang Kald Natt" presents atmospheric and sinister Black Metal, with exellent and elongated melodies reminiscent of those found on early Satyricon. Chord progressions with a tinge of post-Black Metal's sweet melancholy, and lyrics dealing with darkness, death, and destinies of doom. The album is rounded off with a soulful, heartfelt and beautiful acoustic interlude called "Jeg er Dog Kun som Bare Støv", followed only by the frayed and Burzum-like track "Stille Vann".

The album was recorded in the autumn of 2020, and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB. It contains eight tracks with Norwegian titles and a total playtime of 42 minutes.

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