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FORBIDDEN - Twisted Into Form CD

FORBIDDEN - Twisted Into Form CD

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The 2nd album from FORBIDDEN. This was 1990, the year of Rust in Peace, Persistence of Time, By Inheritance, Never Neverland and Seasons in the Abyss so you had to be pretty damn good to stand out amongst the crowd. At this point in time the Thrash scene was brimming with bands the world over, and with the rapid progression of the scene you could easily pigeonhole the bands into certain categories. Forbidden was part of the second wave of Bay Area bands, falling nicely into the progressive/ technical niche, and quickly establishing a name for themselves with their awesome debut album Forbidden Evil.

This album would be the culmination of Forbidden's short, but undoubtedly successful career. "Twisted Into Form" is a high quality technical Thrash metal album. Unfortunatly, Forbidden would go down the tubes after this, as they abandoned this sound, but their 2 first albums will forever stand strong!

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