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FURZE - The Presence LP

FURZE - The Presence LP

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The 7th FURZE album is now available - with Katakomben as one of only a handful of mailorders in the world to carry this one!

The Analog Black Metal Cult return with 10 new tracks in creative old-school Black Metal spirit! If there is one band that does not follow trends, fashion or the flavour of the month it is FURZE. Straying far away from the mainstream Black Metal circus, FURZE have stayed on it's own path for 20 years now - still fronted by Woe J Reaper - taking care of everything from the music to the visuals and this time even releasing the LP on his own label Polytriad Fingerprints.

"The Presence..." ensures that the past is alive with Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost as the main influences - yet on a much rawer level - but at the same time manages to create a fresh, dark breath of autumn darkness yet again manifesting the wise words that you do not have to re-invent the wheel in order to stay relevant. Dive deeper into the material on "The Presence..." and listen carefully and you will discover unearthly guitar-riffs, unique atmosphere, psychadelic influences that induce the listening-session to a new level and simply "The Presence..." of darkness, death and doom.

Only released on LP - no CD version exists

Limited edition first pressing of 300 hand-numbered copies with printed inner-sleeve and pressed on heavy 180 gram quality vinyl! Released on FURZE's own label Polytriad Fingerprints