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GORRCH - Introvertere MLP

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Brand new mini-album from Italy's avantgarde black metalists GORRCH. A masterclass of razor-sharp, bludgeoning dissonant black metal. 
"Gorrch’s black metal is like a fire development in a chemical factory; a frantic, dirty, and polluting inferno which nevertheless explodes like fireworks in colourful effects. The music is intense, atonal, and furious, yet intricate and swirling like a tornado...Frenetic drums crackle at an inhuman pace, but add abrupt transitions and clever variation. The vocals spit and hiss in unforgivable disgust and chant his infamous doctrine. The guitar riffs are as monotonous as an institutionalized patient rocking back and forth in a corner of a filthy white hallway of the asylum, while high-pitched guitar strings swirl as aggressive wasps.
If you’re into Deathspell Omega, late Mayhem, Outre, Au-Dessus, Non Opus Dei, et al., you know what to do." (No Clean Singing)
Ltd. to 150 copies on black vinyl, reverse print sleeve, A4 insert. Duplicate Records 2020

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