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GRAND CADAVER - Deities Of Deathlike Sleep CD

GRAND CADAVER - Deities Of Deathlike Sleep CD

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When the world abruptly shut down due to the global pandemic in 2020, people started looking for other ways to communicate with each other and engage in various projects during the lockdown. That’s exactly what five longtime friends and seasoned musicians from Gothenburg and Stockholm with a mutual love for the classic Swedish Death Metal sound did, bringing to life what’s known today as Swedish Death Metal beast Grand Cadaver. Now in 2023 the band currently formed of vocalist Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity, The Halo Effect), guitarists Stefan Lagergren (The Grifted, Treblinka, Expulsion) and Alex Stjernfeldt (Novarupta, Let Them Hang, CHILD), bassist Christian Jansson (Pagandom, Dark Tranquillity), and drummer Daniel Liljekvist (Vordor, Disrupted, Katatonia) is unleashing upon us their sophomore album, titled Deities Of Deathlike Sleep. Recorded by Per Stålberg, Kalle Lilja and Daniel ‘Dollars’ Deurell at Welfare Sounds, mixed by Per Stålberg, mastered by Johan Reivén at Audiolord Mastering, and displaying a sick artwork by Illusive Illustration, the album is highly recommended for fans of the most visceral form of Death Metal made in Sweden, proving why those guys are already in their second album within only three years of existence.

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