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This is a colossal album, in duration, scope, ambition, and breadth. Hemelbestormer’s brand of post-metal is evocative and detailed, and it is great to hear once more. It’s largely instrumental; note the word largely, as this time you can hear a haunting male voice on Quasar, and soft female clean singing on the title track.

Hemelbestormer craft music from atmosphere and feeling. The band have an easy mastery of the post-metal build/release mechanic, but also specialise is drawn-out soundscapes that use sustained atmospheric structures very well. Collide & Merge is well-rounded and expressive; it is an album that’s easy to put on and lose yourself in.

  • gatefold jacket, flooded black inside
  • black poly-lined innersleeves
  • Din A2 poster, two sided
  • insert with d/l code for bandcamp
  • plastic protection sleeve
  • 180g amber (orange/black)colored vinyl

Ván Records 2021

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