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HERETIC - Filthy Hymns For Sleazy Demons CD

HERETIC - Filthy Hymns For Sleazy Demons CD

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A wise man once growled "The answer to life's mystery is simple and direct: sex and death." This mantra resonated throughout the sessions for Heretic's new album 'Filthy Hymns for Sleazy Demons'. It offers more to love for everybody: more sleaze, more sex and more death.

The boys from the void dug deep and drew on their roots more than ever. On this new act of defiance early Black Metal influences rear its ugly head. Combined with the band's deep-rooted love for rock & roll, this album is an even more refined hybrid of Black Metal and punk.

After its predecessor, the band toured all-over and fully embraced the chaos of sex, drugs and rock & roll. On the other hand the blood, fire and death that life has to offer led to the deepest and darkest Heretic album since ages. This album definitely proves troubled times lead to the purest of inspiration.

The handsome threesome is now ready to overpower heretic maniacs and like-minded sleazy demons worldwide with this collection of filthy hymns. The madness will never stop, soon on a stage near you!

DIGIPAK CD - limited and numbered to 500 copies! VAN RECORDS 2024

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