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HORRIFIER - Horrid Resurrection CD

HORRIFIER - Horrid Resurrection CD

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The highly anticipated debut album of Norway's death metal force HORRIFIER, Horrid Resurrection, on CD format! Vinyl version out May via Duplicate Records.

A bunch of young bucks dead set on destruction, Oslo's HORRIFIER formed in 2022 and quickly set to work on their first sonic assaults. Their debut demo, Howls From the Grave, came as the year drew to a close, and just as quickly garnered the band attention in the underground. During the spring of this year, HORRIFIER had that demo compiled onto Cave of Death - Vol.1, a five-way split with Vile Apparition, Constant Torment, Goredawn, and Congealed Putrescence. Indeed, a new breed was rising from Norway, and they were bringing back undead sounds...

And now, the undead fully arise with HORRIFIER's debut album, Horrid Resurrection! A truly apt title, Horrid Resurrection reverently raises the spirits of Repulsion and Autopsy as well as the early Swedeath inspired by both - but (and this is crucial) HORRIFIER add their own unique charisma to the bubbling brew, a certain joie de vivre that's almost swinging if it wasn't so gutted to begin with. Make no mistake, this is very late '80s death metal of a most mildewed hue, but with their restless-yet-focused execution - nods to the new wave of Norwegian deathrash could be made here, such as the likes of Obliteration, Sepulcher, Inculter, and Condor - as well as supremely haunting riffs & leads, HORRIFIER are approaching some fairly rarefied territory. Plus, the songwriting is classically/classily constructed but never whiffing too strongly of the stench of redux. Thus, with one foot in the grave and the other kicking down the doors of the present, their Horrid Resurrection becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and posits the band for a breakthrough into 2024. Hop on HORRIFIER's ​rotting bandwagon NOW! 

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