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Finally also released on CD! So far this album have only been available on LP and for a variety of reasons it has not been released on CD or digital yet - but this will finally change now for those who still crave the CD-format!

"Total Hell" is the ultimate fitting title for the 2nd album from this Raw, occult Thrash/ Speed Metal band from Trondheim, Norway! If you were amazed by the Speed and brutality of their debut-album "War" - prepare for complete onslaught on "Total Hell"!

Taken from "The mixture of Speed Metal and early blackened Thrash are met with one of the most natural analog outputs possible for this style today in one of the most violent outbursts the underground has to offer. Whether you want to just cut lose alone, incite a flash mosh pit, or commit acts so heinous you'd land on the NSA's watch list, or the no fly lists at the very least, you owe it to yourself to make Total Hell the soundtrack to those very moments"

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