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INFERNAL- Eternal Disharmony CD

INFERNAL- Eternal Disharmony CD

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Hellstain Productions presents INFERNAL - a product of the 90s Norwegian Black Metal scene! Now finally releasing their original material after 25 years in the underground!

Formed from the ashes of Baalberith, Infernal came into being in January 1997. Labelling their music style Unholy Metal, the band recorded three demos (the second of which was re-released on a split-album with other local bands) before calling it quits somewhen in early 2001. The band's original line-up started to melt down during mid-2000, attempts were later made to continue the project with a new line-up, but this proved unfruitful after just a few rehearsals.

"Eternal Disharmony” is a compilation of 10 selected songs from the three demos that INFERNAL spawned into the underground in 97, 99 & 2000, honoring the early days of their 25 years history. The material on “Eternal Disharmony” has been remastered as an album to bring forth the true quality of the old school spirit, and is ready to possess a wider audience with their pure unholy metal!

For fans of Emperor, Marduk & Nifelheim!


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