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KÈRES - The King Sleeps Without Tears MCD

KÈRES - The King Sleeps Without Tears MCD

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Finally, the wait is over! After endless delays, both the CD and LP versions of these albums are now ready for shipping. Not only did Atvar record a new album, Vexilloid, he subsequently recorded an EP, The King sleeps without Tears, during the same session.
Known for his massive productivity over the last few decades, this goes to show the well isn’t empty quite yet. Two new releases in the by now well known KÊRES vein; Finnish Black Metal straight to the point of a freshly sharpened knife. Effective in its primitivity, these albums is a pure questionable delight in their harshness. For those who know what to expect: you get what you expect.

Artworks by Nicola Solieri.

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