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NB! This is a preorder item - Releasedate is August 23rd 2024

Uncompromising, with their backs to the world and a fierce grin! KOLDBRANN has been at the forefront of the Norwegian Black Metal underground since the band was formed in 2001.

Led by Mannevond’s characteristic, strict vocals and Kvass’ cunning Norwegian lyrics, KOLDBRANN has delivered the real goods from day one. With obscure and unique riffs, free from all trends and plagues.

After an almost decade-long period of dwelling in the shadows, Koldbrann returned with a series of select festival appearances in 2022/23, premiering new material and proving that they’re still full of cold grimness and misanthropy, and completely void of compromise. After last year’s 2-track 7” single “Den 6. Massedød (Manna fra en annen himmel)”, their long-awaited 4th album “Ingen Skånsel” is ready to be unleashed – and Koldbrann is sounding rawer, harsher and better than ever.

Even though deeply rooted in the True Norwegian Black Metal tradition, Koldbrann has carved out their own sound within the genre confines and it sounds fresh, raw and different. There’s a fierce nerve running through the album, and the songs stand out from today’s typical black metal sounds. You can feel the aggression throughout the whole album.

“Ingen Skånsel” is one of the most interesting, aggressive and fierce Norwegian Black Metal albums in modern times!

Limited edition LP on Smoke Marble vinyl, with lyrics booklet - 500 copies printed - DARK ESSENCE RECORDS 2024




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