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KROLOK - Flying Above Ancient Ruins CD

KROLOK - Flying Above Ancient Ruins CD

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Formed in 2011 by HV, Krolok is an atmospheric black metal project from Slovakia. Flying Above Ancient Ruins is the project’s debut full length album, coming after a few years of splits, EPs and demo releases. This album sees HV joined by fellow Malokarpatan members Peter and Miroslav (if you haven’t checked out Malokarpatan yet, go listen to Stridžie dni, as it is a gem of Slovakian black metal). Krolok presents five tracks across nearly thirty-five minutes of music, which would seem a touch short as far as atmospheric black metal albums go, yet the band is able to weave an intriguing tapestry in spite of the length. Flying Above Ancient Ruins isn’t one of those albums that will click instantly. The mid-paced riffing takes some time to worm its way into your skull, but, given the right environment, will certainly do that. The album is atmospherically charged without resorting to ridiculous wandering and over-melodicizng passages. Dark and brooding, yet with plenty of teeth, Krolok’s music is the auditory equivalent of childhood nightmares and dark corners, played in a homespun fashion that has an air of traditional folklore.

2018 Digipack re-release incl. 8 page booklet, limited to 500.

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