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LUMSK - Fremmede Toner CD

LUMSK - Fremmede Toner CD

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It’s been 16 years since the last album from Norwegian progressive folk band LUMSK last released an album, but that won’t say they haven’t done anything the last years. Actually, they started working on this album not long after they released “Det Vilde Kor”, and the first recordings started as early as in 2009. However, life came in the way and since then they’ve been working on “Fremmede Toner” on and off until they finished it in 2022.

“Fremmede Toner” is the name of a collection of poems by Norwegian author André Bjerke. He has translated and re-authored poems from some of the most famous poets in Europe and North America. This record is based on some of these poems. The idea was to compose music to the Norwegian versions, and then try to mirror these songs using the original poems. The songs are not the same, but in a way similar.

On “Fremmede Toner”, Lumsk welcomes new guitarist Roar Grindheim and vocalist Mari Klingen, who both makes great contributions to the unique sound of the band. This is a highly anticipated return and a huge step forward LUMSK!


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